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Now open in Broomall, PA!

dionne chamoun

Having insurance is not the same as having healthcare.

Welcome to Direct Primary Care and discover the difference.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is just that.  You get direct access to your primary care provider for no-wait visits, phone calls and one-on-one care in exchange for a monthly membership fee. 

I'm Dionne Curran-Chamoun, a board certified family physician and Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and I offer DPC in Broomall, PA.  With Chamoun Direct Primary Care and Weight Management, there are no layers of personnel.  You get to talk with me directly. 

It's a back to basics approach where the patient comes FIRST.  Direct Primary care is about delivering medical services without the barriers placed by insurance companies.  

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3 benefits of Direct Primary Care over Insurance-based practices


Greater Savings

DPC patients belong to a practice by paying a monthly fixed fee.  There are no surprise charges or bills.  You will never pay a co-pay for a visit or encounter with me.  I can use your insurance benefits for medications, to order labs, tests and referrals if you prefer.  However, in many cases, paying cash for those results in greater savings. 


Greater Access

Another benefit of being a member in a DPC practice is the ability to schedule a same or next-day sick visit with your physician, in most cases.  Patients can schedule office visits and are provided with additional, convenient, contact options.


Improved Health with Continuity of Care

The American Academy of Family Physicians defines continuity as,

“... a long-term patient-physician partnership in which the physician knows the patient’s history from experience…”

A membership model allows me to keep my practice small so I really get to know my patients.  The end result is better care and improved health for my patients.

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